Bestsellers 2014 – Dilla is #1


As 2014 draws to a close there are lots of lists floating around. The best album, the best song, the best restaurant, the best photo, the best moments…and here at 33 1/3 we had a wonderful year of bests. We saw the publication of FOURTEEN 33 1/3 volumes! #89 Andrew W.K.’s I Get Wet through #103 Hole’s Live Through This. We celebrated our 10th anniversary with our 100th volume! We released a complete set of all 100 books on our site for only $1,000!!!!! We held an open call for…

Gotta READ EM ALL! 100 books for 1000 bones!

Been to IKEA recently? Well, you might need to make the trip soon to stock up on BILLY bookcases because you’re going to need a lot of shelf space. You may have noticed that we recently published our 100th volume in the 33 1/3 series and we had a great anniversary party last week in Brooklyn with authors Susan Fast and Carl Wilson. One hundred? That’s a lot of books. Here’s some 33 1/3 math for you. Each book is approximately 0.33 inches thick. With 100 books, that’s about thirty…

Happy Anniversary to us (and you!) with 33.3% off all 33 1/3s!

September marks our 10th Anniversary and our 100th volume! In honor of these milestones, we are offering a 33.3% discount on all* 33 1/3s! Additionally, the rest of the Music & Sound Studies list – along with all our other subjects – is 30% off! More info here. This all culminates in our Anniversary party on October 2nd at Powerhouse Arena. Please RSVP here. Treat yo self!! *Only the first 100 published titles.