Pink Industry

Good to see Greatest Hits Vol 1 on a pink-themed table at Bailey Coy Books in Seattle. (Thanks to Emma for the photo!)

I read somewhere recently that more people are colour-coordinating their bookshelves at home. I’m still all about the alphabet myself, but colour-themed display tables seem like a smart move for cool booksellers.


  1. Nik

    My 3-year-old is really fascinated by the 20 or so 33.33 books I have on a shelf; so much so that he keeps grabbing them and rearranging them, telling me, “Daddy the colors are very nice.” So there’s a future reader….

  2. The primary colors chosen for the 33 1/3 books are one of their many charms and worth pondering: HARVEST is orange, which seems pumpkinly appropriate. AQUALUNG rightly a rustic brown. The yellow-orange on LOW seems appropriate. The pink of RAMONES is an odd choice yet it works in contrast with the black-and-white album cover. I’m glad the two LET IT BEs are different colors. I don’t understand the yellow on VILLAGE GREEN though, or the orchid coloring of MUSIC FROM BIG PINK. Perhaps I am too literal.

  3. For one amazing week in November 2004, Adobe Bookshop in San Francisco agreed to allow its estimated 20,000 books to be reclassified by color. Shifting from red to orange to yellow to green, the books followed the spectrum continuously, changing Adobe from a neighborhood bookshop into a magical library—but only for one week.Picture here:http://www.cynical-c.com/archives/001950.html

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