A slathering of Slayer

The November issue of Metal Maniacs magazine has a great review of DX Ferris’s book about Reign in Blood – it concludes like this:

“To say that Reign in Blood is mandatory reading for fans of the band and the album is ridiculously understated. Perhaps more importantly, the book is essential for anyone with an interest in heavy metal.” (Scott Alisoglu)

Also: You have two chances to get a free taste of the book. First – and this one is guaranteed – send an e-mail to Slayerbook [ at ) gmail.com, and you’ll receive a .pdf file of the chapter of about the album-opening song “Angel of Death,” a stone-cold thrash-metal classic.

Second, you have until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, November 16 to participate in Metalsucks.net’s Slayer Olympics.

The metal news site and Ferris are teaming up to give away three personally dedicated, autographed copies of the Slayer book, one to each winner of three competitions. Readers can compete to 1) create the best alternate Slayer lyric or 2) identify the most glaring grammatical error in Slayer’s body of work. (In fairness to the band, sometimes a dangling participle is necessary to give a lyric a precise flow.) Also, fans can 3) submit the most rad picture of themselves with Slayer merch. If it’s racy, you must be 18 or over to participate.

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