Quick off the mark

The first ten proposals we’ve received (none of which I’ve read yet) are for books on albums by:

The Fall
The Jam
Van Halen
The Zombies
Against Me!
Jefferson Airplane
Mary Margaret O’Hara
Yo La Tengo

None of whom are artists covered in the series so far. Interesting!


  1. Will u be putting up lists throughout the proposal process detailing those that you’ve received? I’m worried that someone might be ‘inspired’ by my choice, do their own proposal for the same artist/album and get the gig for themselves . Won’t I be at an advantage if I held off until the last minute?

  2. Not sure about if/when we’ll put up lists of proposals received. But the anonymous post above has it right – just try to submit the most convincing pitch you can, for your chosen album, and then it’s in the lap of the gods. The chances are that we’ll get multiple submissions for many, many albums, anyway!

  3. i agree with the talking heads book, preferably “remain in light”. something by pavement, kid a, graceland, and maybe “is this it?” would be great additions to the series.

  4. Funny… I was just coming to post about how “Is This It” by the Strokes is a major gap in the seriesIf you get a good proposal for it you just jump on that, especially if it makes a viable claim to it being the album that saved rock and roll for Generation Y

  5. kat

    Oh no….That must be Odessey and Oracle. After the past two times of no one submitting a proposal for that album, I thought I would have a chance.Guess too many people have finally discovered it…

  6. As I said elsewhere, don’t be discouraged – we’ll likely get multiple submissions for many albums/artists. A strategy of picking a record that you think nobody else will choose is probably not the wisest…

  7. Here’s some ideas: Microdisney – ‘Clock Comes Down the Stairs’; Iggy and the Stooges ‘Raw Power’; Monster Magnet ‘Dopes to Infinity’; Blue Oyster Cult – first album; XTC – ‘Skylarking’ (I’d like to do them, but I’ve pitched something else)

  8. Microdisney, yes – 600 copies! But it’s a pity the rest of the world couldn’t hear it. And … will we ever understand why, in the words of one song, god would provide an ‘instant picnic’, rather than say, peace and harmony to all mankind! Genius.

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  10. You know… a book about Boredoms would sell more than you think. There’s a big J-rock fixation in the underground now thanks to the popularity of the band Boris and magazines like Rock~A~Rolla. As long as it sufficiently described the group’s essential weirdness, and made ties to J-rock at large where appropriate.

  11. And a Dinosaur Jr. book would obviously sell a bazillion copies.Here’s a question. Who would buy a book about a modern post-hardcore/emo band like Brand New (any of their records), Say Anything (…is a Real Boy), or Thrice (Vheissu, The Illusion of Safety)?I have serious plans to write either a Brand New or Say Anything book. I believe these boos would be awesome, but I also believe they’d sell a lot of copies.

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