Audible, Kindle, etc

Some of you may have noticed this already, but a handful of 33 1/3 titles are now available as downloadable audiobooks from Audible.com and ye olde iTunes. Here, for example, is the link to Andy Miller’s book about the Kinks on Audible. Other titles available so far in the series are:

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Highway 61 Revisited
Paul’s Boutique
Forever Changes
Pink Moon
In Utero
Meat Is Murder
The Velvet Underground and Nico

We’re also in the process of Kindle-izing the series, and we’ll let you know as soon as those go on sale, via Amazon.com.

Does anyone own a Kindle yet? Any good?


  1. I like my Kindle very much. I’d love to buy 33 1/3 titles, but I think that the pricing would have to be a better deal than the print books….I would probably spend more $ total on kindle titles, if the pricing was right…

  2. reading the LOW book. it’s really stimulating.i wonder…could you do a book on MASTER OF PUPPETS. there are no studies on it, it seems, and whenever there’s a documementary…they do it on the most worthless album metallica ever recorded…THE BLACK ALBUM.

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