Tonight at midnight is your last chance to submit a proposal for the next batch of 33 1/3s!

David has lined out all the specifics in this post, for anyone who may have missed it. And his original call for proposals, would you like to write a book?

I would advise you to read the comments fields of those two posts before asking a question. David has done a pretty good job of answering the obvious questions there. Of course, he is still on vacation, and I have a sick dog at home and might have to head out soon. So I guess what I’m saying is that if you do have a question, don’t waste a lot of time waiting for an answer.

Best of luck and see you all in 2009!


  1. I sent in my proposal about a week ago – as far as I know it’s in your inbox – I know we’re not supposed to hear any confirmations until jan 6 or so, but if something weird happens and you don’t find it in your inbox, will you still accept it?I sent it certified email so I have proof that I sent it in time! :-)happy new year,anon

  2. My name is hannah and JUST in case it doesn’t go through I want to leave a comment ON TIME saying I just sent my proposal for 33 1/3. Please confirm its inbox arrival as soon as possible, and happy new year!

  3. I had pitched a proposal to the series before, and writing the 2,000 word proposal was more satisfying than last round’s 1,000 words. I sent the new one in yesterday afternoon.Thanks, and best wishes for the continued success of the series.And Happy New Year everybody!

  4. From David’s first post:All proposals that we get at the yahoo account will be acknowledged within a few days of receipt – except towards the end of December, when I may be offline for a little while. I’ll acknowledge those ones as soon as I’m able.

  5. I already asked the question about possible delivery failure on another thread. My question, and David’s response, are below:What if I send a proposal before the deadline but, for whatever reason, it doesn’t get delivered to the yahoo account? If there won’t be any confirmations sent out until early Jan, there will be no way of flagging up the delivery failure before the deadline.4:22 AM David said…Yup, that’s a possibility, unfortunately! We’ll do everything we can to work around it, should that occur…

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