Design contest anyone?

One thing I love about the series design is how easy it is for people to play around with. Last year, Tom Scharpling came up with this one on Kriss Kross (got the cropping wrong, though). And last year Hayden Childs, author of the 33 1/3 on Richard and Linda Thomson’s Shoot Out The Lights came up with a series of great covers over on the Powell’s blog. Now Jim A. has come up with some great covers for the best of the worst possible 33 1/3s. Click here for the full set (via NY Magazine’s Vulture). I also really like the Prince idea.

How about this? Make your own hypothetical 33 1/3 cover, put a link to the image in the comments of this post, we’ll pick a winner* some time after the July 4th holiday, and the winner will get some recent 33 1/3s, some doo-dads we have around the office, and maybe a copy of A Cultural Dictionary of Punk which is just off the press, and has already gotten plenty of compliments in the cover design department.

*Just so there is no confusion, this is a contest to make an amusing 33 1/3 book cover that will (most likely) never become a book, not an open call for proposals for new books in the series.


  1. I have to quote your qualification at the foot of the post:"Just so there is no confusion, this is a contest to make an amusing 33 1/3 book cover that will (most likely) never become a book, not an open call for proposals for new books in the series."Have to say that made me laugh – the thought of another avalanche of proposals must be enough to send you wacko …

  2. Sorry about that, Hayden! Been a long morning already and the sun is shining in NYC for the first time in a month. I'll put those up now. And then I'm leaving early.

  3. To make this easier on those of us who aren't designers, would anyone be willing to make a "cover generator" where we could upload the album picture, book title and author's name into a field and then an image of the cover would be auto generated? =)

  4. What about these:(Hilary Duff's) Metamorphosis by Franz KafkaTrainspotting (Soundtrack) by Irvine Welsh(Sonic Youth's) Sonic Nurse by Richard Prince(Bob Dylan's) Modern Times by Charlie ChaplinI have not made these covers but I might over the weekend hopefully will be a bit better than last time.

  5. e

    Don't have access to design tools at the moment, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Here are mine:The Queen Is Dead by Prince CharlesHighway 61 Revisited by Google MapsBlonde on Blonde by Jenna Jameson & Tracy LordsThriller by Michael CrichtonMoondance by Buzz Aldrin

  6. I hope I'm not too late…Here's my first crack at it:Metal Machine Music by Lester BangsTalking Heads: 77 by Brian EnoThe Modern Lovers by Lou ReedWhipped Cream & Other Delights by Greil Marcushttp://sufficientlypeculiar.blogspot.com/2009/07/im-officially-obsessed-with-continuums.html#links

  7. KEEP EM COMING!We'll try to draw this to a close and cast our secret ballots before the weekend. White smoke from the chimney will indicate that we have elected a winner.

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