Vol. 66: One Step Beyond, by Terry Edwards

We’re chuffed to announce the publication of Terry Edwards’ book about Madness, in the 33 1/3 series. Here’s the back cover copy:


Surprisingly few books have been published about Madness, considering the vast number of records they have sold worldwide over the years. This book is written as a kind of lateral-thinking Rock Family Tree, with One Step Beyond as the taproot. Since recording that album in 1979, Madness have experienced just about everything – an unrivalled run in the UK charts, critical acclaim, commercial success with both singles and albums, sundry band members going AWOL, the obligatory covers album and extraordinary attendances at their reunion shows.

Having grown up with One Step Beyond, from its release when he was working in a record shop, through recording on Two Tone with his band the Higsons, to working with Bedders, then finally touring with Madness and playing many of the songs from the album, Terry Edwards has written this affectionate and entertaining book as insider and outsider, fan, contemporary and fellow musician. The result puts everything in perspective, and is a unique social history of the national institution that is Madness.

Terry Edwards plays sax, trumpet, guitar and keyboards with his own band, the Scapegoats, and in session for innumerable artists including Gallon Drunk, Robyn Hitchcock, Tindersticks and Lydia Lunch/Big Sexy Noise. His catalogue, both new and old, is released on his own imprint, Sartorial Records. He lives in London. This is his first book.


There’s more!! The excellent Madness Central site has an interview with Terry, which you can read right here.

And here’s Terry, cunningly disguised, playing with the band on British TV:


  1. Glad to see One Step Beyond the boo is in print, but frustrated to find that One Step Beyond the album is OUT of print–you can't get it on iTunes and it goes for $30 on eBay. And record companies wonder why people turn to illegal downloading (not that I did; just sayin').

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