Sinister Resonance in Bomb

David Toop, author of Sinister Resonance, is interviewed by Keith Connolly of No-Neck Blues Band fame in the new issue of Bomb.

“When I came across Sinister Resonance at the bookshop I was eerily drawn to it by its title. Then I flipped through it, and there were Machen, and Blackwood, and Malevich, and so much more. Upon reading it I was even a little spooked: the resemblance of some of its contents with my own explorations and impressions were, to borrow one of Toop’s key words, uncanny. From prenatal listening to impressions of birdsong, and from Edgar Allan Poe and Virginia Woolf to Harpo Marx and David Lynch, Sinister Resonance investigates listening as experience as well as its portrayal. It is, in my opinion, a work unmatched, a veritable sourcebook with innumerable points of departure, and overall a stunning achievement.”

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