Slint interview!

The Decibel Tolls has a nice long interview with Scott Tennent about the 33 1/3 on Slint’s Spiderland. Here’s a small excerpt:

“The fascinating thing about Spiderland, to me, is how it casts this long shadow backward over their history. Since Slint broke up before Spiderland came out, and only two guys really continued to seriously make music—now we’re basically down to just Pajo—you’re sort of forced to look backward and dig up everything you can about what led to Spiderland. Pajo aside, they don’t have these long careers with deep catalogues. And because everything pre-Spiderland is so… not Spiderland, the album just becomes all the more magical. Who were these guys? What were they thinking? How did they get to that sound? How did they capture such a profound album on tape? Well, now I’ve answered those questions about as best as I think I can… and in many ways the answers make me marvel just as much as the questions.”

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