Some recent reviews…

Brian Eno’s Another Green World by Geeta Dayal was selected by Flavorwire as one of “10 Great Books about Music by Female Writers

Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love by Carl Wilson (“Erudite and eye-opening”) and John Darnielle’s volume on Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality were both reviewed as part of Pitchfork’s “Our 60 Favorite Music Books” feature. Here’s a quote from the Sabbath review:

“Darnielle– who worked as a nurse in a mental hospital and presumably met quite a few smart, lost kids like Roger– speaks to the soul-damaging aspects of locking up problem teens and offers a piece of music criticism that illuminates the edifying qualities of heavy metal.”

Bryan Waterman’s volume on Television’s Marquee Moon was reviewed on Crawdaddy!:

“Waterman [has done] extensive research, culling from NYU’s archive of Richard Hell’s papers, rock journalist reviews from the era (Christgau, Bangs, Kent, et al.), and extensive interviews, making sure to maintain the composure of an academic thesis, and not a fan boy rag.”

A review also appeared in This Ain’t The Summer of Love:

“Fans of the band should consider “Marquee Moon” as required reading. The book will also be a welcome addition to the bookshelves of anyone who is seriously interested in the history of the CBGB scene and the early-mid 70’s era musical and artistic landscape of New York City as a whole.”

And Bryan was also interviewed by Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

And last but not least, Tony Toth Yost Tost’s volume on Johnny Cash’s American Recordings was reviewed in the Milwaukee Express

“Tost is like a foster son of Greil Marcus, beating his own path into old, weird America through the life of the Man in Black.”

As the summer kicks into full gear, I would do well to remind you of the wonderful podcast that is Tony Tost’s America (also findable and free in the itunes store). Seems to go well with heat and dust.

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