Oxford American Music Issue

It’s Oxford American Music Issue Day here at the office, as we just got our copy in the mail (better late than never). A quick count of Continuum authors in the table of contents yields the following:

David Kirby (Little Richard) on Bo Diddley
Michael T. Fournier (The Minutemen) on Hayden Thompson
Megan Mayhew Bergman & Kate Schatz (PJ Harvey) on The International Sweethearts of Rhythm
Nicholas Rombes (The Ramones, A Cultural Dictionary of Punk) on Henry Green
LD Beghtol (Magnetic Fields) on Southern food.
Plus a review of Richard Henderson’s 33 1/3 on Van Dyke Parks’ Song Cycle.

Not to mention Mark Winegardner on Syl Johnson, Peter Guralnick on Howlin’ Wolf, Oliver Wang on Charles Wright, and pieces by Roseanne Cash, Jack Pendarvis, Roy Blount, Jr, Nick Hornby… the list goes on.

Now that I’ve read the table of contents to you, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

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