Video Vault Episode 4: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Welcome to Video Vault, take four! This week it’s the turn of UK marketing executive, Charlotte Rose…

I’m a big Joseph Gordon- Levitt fan. I’m an even bigger Zooey Deschanel fan. If you’re not, I suggest you look away now…

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are the delectable duo behind She & Him, an American band whose music oozes folkish, joyous and bittersweet lyrics to sounds of tambourine, guitar, piano and the ukulele. They are, in my opinion, a marriage made in music heaven.

What you are about to witness is the second music video produced for their 2008 song, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here. Written by Deschanel herself (a lady of many, many talents) this video showcases the collaborative talent from the team behind 2009 non-rom-com, 500 Days of Summer.

Directed by Marc Webb, produced by Mason Novick and starring none other than the wonderful Joseph and Zooey, for me, this video epitomises the on-screen chemistry these two starlets are capable of creating.

The suit! The swagger! The dance off! The bangs! Oh, the bangs! Enjoy…..

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