Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures. Everybody has them, me included. In fact, I’ve just been told, rather delightfully, that my entire music collection is one giant treasure trove of guilty pleasure. It’s not, I assure you…

So, when listening to the radio yesterday and a defining song from my teenage years started playing, I got to thinking about guilty pleasures and exactly why it is we feel the need to feel guilty about something that bring so much unadulterated joy?

The song in question was Sweetness by Michelle Gayle, which featured on one of the first albums I ever bought, Now That’s What I Call Music! 29 – A UK based series of compilation albums that are still being produced today.

I won’t lie, I was in my element, and after all these years still knew all the lyrics. Ashamed? Maybe I should have been, but ashamed I was not! I was instantly transported back to the early 90s. A time before i-Tunes and CDs. A time of Spice Girls and Take That.

So I decided to take a stand, to embark on a voyage to a place where I no longer feel guilty about my musical tastes. To a place where I can enjoy 80s power ballads at 8am on a Monday morning without feeling judged by angry commuters.

My journey starts now, and I urge you to join me! Ready?


Nb* Views are Charlotte’s own, and do not represent the musical tastes of Bloomsbury, nor the 33 1/3 team.

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