Video Vault, Episode 24: Spring Equinox and Bjork

Morning Pagans,

I hope you all had a lovely spring equinox yesterday; I see Stonehenge goes all out. As far as music, there are a few festivals this weekend celebrating the arrival of the new season, from California to somewhere in New York State. I for one welcome a change, especially after this winter, which has, literally, broken me.

In honor of this pagan/druid/hippie holiday, I bring you a NSFW (boobs, bloody piercings and fuzzy images of fellatio) video from none other than our favorite Icelandic goddess, Bjork. This video for “Pagan Poetry” was initially banned in the U.S. by MTV but features a sexy Alexander McQueen dress.

Kudos, Bjork, for always being your honest, naughty, feminist, awesome self.


One comment

  1. “Naughty,” yes, but only when rattling the cage of a patriarchy in which female sexuality is deemed deviant. A remarkable statement in Bjork’s videography, it is more the affirmation of a body that refuses to be written on.

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