33 Things: November Edition

Every month, editorial assistant Michelle Chen will compile the best, weirdest, most interesting music and sound news from the past 30 days and serve it up to you in one handy, easy to digest list. May we present 33 Things that happened in November?

  1. For all those who love Pete Doherty (ME), get psyched about this Libertines documentary online tomorrow!
  2. Rough Trade revealed their top 100 albums of 2014!
  3. Spotify and Uber teamed up, and it’s a little creepy.
  4. Okay, but this is kind of cool.
  5. Listen to this newly discovered pre-Nirvana Kurt Cobain mixtape.
  6. Additionally, read about this soon-to-be Nirvana documentary of the same name.
  7. No, the media will never stop talking about Beyoncé.
  8. Is anyone else listening to Nowhere on repeat right now?
  9. Meow the Jewels is official.
  10. While we wait for that though, everyone’s favorite absurd rap phenomenon is now available on iTunes.
  11. Youtube is finally joining the music subscription club.
  12. Actor director graduate student filmmaker poet teacher writer James Franco has announced a Smiths-inspired album.
  13. Capitalism once more conquers all.
  14. I admit it. I’m not a fan of this new Sleigh Bells single.
  15. The New Yorker extends its literary prowess to Nickelback analysis.
  16. Here’s a trailer for 500 Days of Summer Garden State this awkward date movie about the Brooklyn music scene.
  17. Ex Hex hit TV.
  18. Literally I can’t.
  19. But also: truly, literally, brain surgery.
  20. Stringer Bell I mean Idris Elba I mean DJ Driis is making a Nelson Mandela tribute album.
  21. Read this great article about concerts and their carbon footprint.
  22. Yes, that is J Mascis playing for Tiny Desk.
  23. #Winterpol.
  24. Sour Patch Kids is now doing Faustian deals.
  25. Science has finally proven the supremacy of the Spice Girls.
  26. Apple still hasn’t learned its lesson.
  27. Taylor Swift finds a friend in Billy Joel.
  28. And Benedict Cumberbatch finds his inner Taylor Swift.
  29. There are no words for this.
  30. Usher releases new song in Honey Nut Cheerios form, apparently poorly.
  31. Read about the 15 year anniversary of Beats in Space.
  32. Azealia Banks has finally released her new album Broke with Expensive Taste.
  33. And finally, Karen O gets into the holiday spirit with a Target commercial.

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