Video Vault Episode 56: Blonde Redhead’s “Kazuality”

I don’t know if you gleaned from our post yesterday, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I guess. And while the music world has always been awash with power couples (Beyoncé and Jay-Z; Kathleen Hanna and Ad-Rock; Kellie Sutherland and Cameron Bird; the formerly Meg and Jack White, et al.), today I bring you noise-rock-y love pair Kazu Makino and Amedeo Pace. On that theme, here is a clip of Blonde Redhead performing “Kazuality,” Amedeo’s romantic homage to Kazu, in 1997.


P.S. If you thought you couldn’t love Blonde Redhead even more than you already do, check out their amazing home and seethe with awe and envy.

P.P.S. Back in 2013, Stereogum ranked every Blonde Redhead album from worst to best and it is spot on! Though how can you even compare Misery Is a Butterfly to Fake Can Be Just as Good?

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