Everything You Need to Know About The Super Mario Bros Book

Got 42 minutes to spare? Listen to the Modern Vinyl podcast with 33 1/3 author Andrew Schartmann. Andrew’s knowledge of video game music is staggering and the interviewer here has done his homework. Their shared knowledge here is a joy to listen to. When I first came across Andrew’s 33 1/3 pitch I was hesitant to include it in the series because the Super Mario Bros soundtrack isn’t really an album and it was never pressed on vinyl (yet now appearing on the Modern Vinyl podcast!). I took a chance because it was brilliant and I hope you’ll agree it was one worth taking! This podcast is just a taste of the book. xAJ

Listen here. Buy the book here. Play Super Mario here (really, it’s awesome).

Do do do do do do do do DO do do do do doop de do.


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