Video Vault 102: Behind The Sounds: “Let’s Go Away For Awhile”

There’s a nice series on YouTube called “Behind The Sounds” which documents the production of several songs from Pet Sounds. As you’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album, I might suggest checking out this series. I guarantee it will make you appreciate Pet Sounds even more. [Update: unfortunately, YouTube appears to have taken down some of the “Behind The Sounds” videos, but there are still a few up there!]

The following clip (find at bottom of post) sheds some light on the making of the instrumental track, “Let’s Go Away For Awhile.” I like this video because it gives a sense of both the exacting quality of Brian Wilson’s vision for this record—you hear about his already fully-formed ideas of the deep sound he wanted from the snare drum, his request for Roy Caton to “turn away” as he delivers the last trumpet note, etc.—but also shows how many supremely talented musicians were involved in bringing his vision to life. 25 musicians appear on this track alone! Here’s a nice picture of some of the musicians at work during the Pet Sounds sessions (bassist Carol Kaye sits in the foreground).


Hope you enjoy the clip!

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