Video Vault 106: Serge Gainsbourg, “Ballade de Melody Nelson”


I love the 4th of July. It’s a beautiful day when everyone is in a celebratory mood and we can unapologetically embrace the American stereotype by drinking beer out of a can, eating hot dogs, flying an American flag, and listening to Lee Greenwood on loop. Because, well, America.

But why not extend our celebration of revolution a few more days? Say, until July 14th?

A quick trip to France lands us amidst another patriotic celebration – so don’t put away your party hats and sparklers just yet! Pop open a bottle of Clicquot, buy a pack of Gauloise cigarettes, and listen to some Serge Gainsbourg while dreaming about the valiant (if actually quite underwhelming) release of prisoners from the Bastille!

Here’s a clip to get you in the mood! (And while you’re at it, check out Darran Anderson’s great book on Histoire de Melody Nelson.)

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