Video Vault 108: Skylar Gudasz – “I Want To Be With You In The Darkness”


I like to think there’s a mysterious ingredient that allows some artists to invest a crazy amount of emotion into their music, despite working under the same constraints of time, space, and money as everyone else.

Whatever it is, Skylar Gudasz has figured it out.

I could listen to her sing “I want to be with you in the darkness” one hundred times, in one hundred different inflections, and each refrain would leave me more emotionally turbulent than the last.

Give her a listen!

Perhaps what sticks out most on the first listen is her bright, clear voice. And then, after a while, one might think that her tendency to sing “on the Southern side of the beat” is awfully fun. But when I immerse myself in her debut album Oleander, what dazzles me the most is how she packs so much feeling into each line, how a traditional set of pop song structures can unleash the full range of emotional possibility. It’s quite a ride.

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