33 1/3 Open Call Update!

Do you keep checking your inbox to see if Bloomsbury has emailed you back about your 33 1/3 proposal? Worry not! We’re chipping away at the massive pile of submissions we received, and we promise that yours is getting the due diligence it deserves.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted and entrusted us with their brilliant ideas. From Janelle Monáe to Frank Sinatra, we have so many ways we could take this series. We are still hard at work looking through all of them, though, so please be patient as we read as fast as we can! But while you’re waiting, we thought you would all enjoy a little insight into the process of choosing the next 33 1/3s, and where we currently are with it:

October 31st: the submission window closed, and we had a mountain of submissions to sift through.

The next day, we went through and logged every single submission we received. That way, we had one concrete list, so that none of your hard work would get lost in the melee.

Then, we sent all of the submissions to our group of five brilliant external advisors. These five are helping us sort through the submissions to pick out their favorites. They’re searching for proposals that are well-written, have interesting critical perspectives, investigate new genres for the series – or really anything that makes the proposal pop! Overall, we’re just looking for future 33 1/3s that people will love.

Once we received the external advisors’ final lists, we were able to whittle down the mountain to a much smaller hill and discussions began between editorial, marketing, and sales to come up with the final group of titles. . This is where we are now! When we have a final list of accepted proposals, we will get in touch with the authors directly. Fingers crossed this will happen in the next month or so!

And finally, we will make an announcement on this blog of the final list of around 15 upcoming 33 1/3s. Keep your eyes peeled during the first couple of months of 2019 for the big reveal!

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted – 33 1/3 wouldn’t be what it is today without all of your participation!

A special thanks to our external advisors for all of their hard work going through the many proposal submissions!: Sam Bennett, Sean Maloney, Boice-Terrel Allen, Emily Mackay, and Joe Gross.

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