33 1/3 Holiday Gift List

Tis the season to spend money.  But maybe everyone on your list isn’t deserving of the complete Beatles Vinyl Remasters (priced at a cool $350). 
So why not spend a little less on 33 1/3-approved gear for your favorite music lover? 
1. For your lady friend who’s lost control: 
Joy Division or Pink Floyd Nail Art

From Etsy
2. For the guy/girl who needs new headphones and hates beats by dre: 
Rebel Alliance Headphones 

3. For the swooning lady in your life
Celine Dion’s “Belong” perfume 
4. For the guy who is just too cool
A Stone Roses Reni Bucket Hat
5. For the person who actually plays music often
A “Pick Punch” to make homemade guitar pics  
6. For the music lover who doubles as a cat lover
A Cat DJ Scratch Pad 

7. For the guy/girl who was there from the very beginning. Throw ya diamonds up! 
Jay-Z Light Switch 
From Etsy 

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