33 Things: March Edition

Every month, editorial assistant Michelle Chen will compile the best, weirdest, most interesting music and sound news from the past 30 days and serve it up to you in one handy, easy to digest list. May we present 33 Things that happened in March?

  1. Our upcoming book on Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros. was featured in FACT!
  2. Sorry this list is technically two days late. It’s no big deal but I had to take some One Direction related bereavement leave.
  3. SURPRISE not surprise! As Lindsay Zoladz predicted during a discussion about the surprise album release at our How To Write About Music event last month, Kendrick Lamar did something.
  4. On a similar note, Modest Mouse also released long-awaited album Strangers to Ourselves.
  5. SXSW happened; Best Of lists were made.
  6. SXSW happened; insufferable Instagram accounts were created.
  7. Did I mention SXSW happened? It’s no ACL Ben Kweller tampon fiasco but this bizarre video of Run the Jewels getting attacked made the rounds.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: Rihanna is not Jay Z’s wife.
  9. She is, however, now the new face of Dior.
  10. Who knew Tool were still trying to do things.
  11. Sorry but I really like this Pill EP.
  12. Carrie Brownstein announced that her book Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl will come out this October!
  13. You can also watch the great Carrie interview the great Kim about her memoir out last month, Girl in a Band.
  14. I didn’t think it was possible to feel more love for Wilco.
  15. Control Azealia Banks’s face with your own on this creepy website.
  16. You know what’s even creepier though? A Miley Cyrus wax statue.
  17. But, like, WHY?
  18. Nick Soulsby’s oral history of Nirvana is now out! Read an excerpt here.
  19. Speaking of Nirvana, why haven’t we learned that it’s not a good idea to fake Nirvana things?
  20. So many mixed feelings about technology
  21. No mixed feelings about this though.
  22. Hi there. Here’s a link to Ben Stiller’s high school punk band.
  23. Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Chumbawamba. Which of this is not like the other?
  24. Also, did you know that racism isn’t real?
  25. Radiohead’s Ok Computer is now official canon.
  26. Love got you down? Here’s what Ad-Rock has to say about it.
  27. Method Man literally gives no f***s said what we were all thinking.
  28. Kanye gets no love at Glastonbury.
  29. Okay but seriously guys, Obama does not have Kanye’s number already.
  30. Willie Nelson now also has his own brand of weed.
  31. That’s cute that you think you can maintain privacy in 2015.
  32. Okay but this is kind of cool.
  33. You’re welcome. Goodbye.

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