33 Things: September Edition

Every month, editorial assistant Michelle Chen will compile the best, weirdest, most interesting music and sound news from the past 30 days and serve it up to you in one handy, easy to digest list. May we present 33 Things that happened in September?

  1. 33 1/3 officially published its 100th volume on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous! Come to our party at Powerhouse to hear Susan Fast and Carl Wilson talk about their books.
  2. In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, series editor Ally Jane Grossan was also featured on NPR’s Soundcheck.
  3. Apple decreed that everyone must love U2.
  4. But if you hate U2 as much as Apple customers seem to, there’s now a dedicated support page for that.
  5. (Somewhat) on the heels of Radiohead’s enigmatic PolyFauna app, Thom Yorke is doing something strange and wonderful again.
  6. In case you missed this bizarre social media obsession, 2 Chainz ate a burger.
  7. Of course Urban Outfitters would think itself the leading vendor of vinyl.
  8. My true love David Macklovitch of Chromeo is hanging out with Napoleon Dynamite in this video and it’s amazing.
  9. Someone is making a documentary about Elephant 6!
  10. Monster Energy Drink shamelessly (and illegally) capitalizes off of Adam Yauch’s death, not for the first time.
  11. I mean, Aphex Twin.
  12. The music video industry just got a little Ministry of Truth.
  13. Swedish scientists LOVE Bob Dylan.
  14. White Stripe by day, Publisher by night, Jack White just got a title in the Los Angeles Review of Books.
  15. In typical tabloid fashion, Rihanna might, or might not, become the next bond girl.
  16. Sasha Frere-Jones interviews Chris Molanphy about the Billboard Hot R. & B./Hip-Hop list.
  17. On that note, this happened.
  18. You can now add visiting this slightly creepy Amy Winehouse statue to your list of things to do in London
  19. I may just indiscriminately love cats/cat sounds, but I’m pretty into this.
  20. Yikes
  21. And double Yikes.
  22. Pete Doherty has answered my 16-year-old prayers and announced a new Libertines album.
  23. Speaking of things we loved at 16, Rivers Cuomo is still fighting for relevancy.
  24. Never incite the wrath of One Direction fans.
  25. I have no idea when this site went live, but FYI this site exists.
  26. Steve Aoki likes to throw both cakes and fits.
  27. This is a thing: Deadmau5 vs. Mickey Mouse.
  28. Do you have $389,000? You can buy Davy Jones’ Monkees dream house.
  29. If you thought you couldn’t love Allen Ginsberg more than you already do, read him talk Punk in this post by the Allen Ginsberg Project
  30. Austin City Limits turns 40.
  31. French pop star Yelle who charmed us all back in 2007 with this video released a new album.
  32. I guess GWAR is still doing its thing.
  33. And finally, Miley Cyrus wants us to know she’s basically Daedalus.

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