33 x 33 1/3

For anyone coming to the series for the first time – welcome! Here’s a list of what’s been published so far, and what should be appearing in the coming months.

1. Dusty in Memphis, by Warren Zanes
2. Forever Changes, by Andrew Hultkrans
3. Harvest, by Sam Inglis
4. The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, by Andy Miller
5. Meat is Murder, by Joe Pernice
6. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, by John Cavanagh
7. Abba Gold, by Elisabeth Vincentelli
8. Electric Ladyland, by John Perry
9. Unknown Pleasures, by Chris Ott
10. Sign ‘O’ the Times, by Michaelangelo Matos
11. The Velvet Underground and Nico, by Joe Harvard
12. Let It Be, by Steve Matteo
13. Live at the Apollo, by Douglas Wolk
14. Aqualung, by Allan Moore
15. OK Computer, by Dai Griffiths
16. Let It Be, by Colin Meloy
17. Led Zeppelin IV, by Erik Davis
18. Exile on Main St., by Bill Janovitz
19. Pet Sounds, by Jim Fusilli
20. Ramones, by Nicholas Rombes
21. Armed Forces, by Franklin Bruno
22. Murmur, by J. Niimi
23. Grace, by Daphne Brooks
24. Endtroducing…, by Eliot Wilder
25. Kick Out the Jams, by Don McLeese
26. Low, by Hugo Wilcken
27. Born in the USA, by Geoffrey Himes
28. Music From Big Pink, by John Niven
29. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, by Kim Cooper
30. There’s a Riot Goin’ On, by Miles Marshall Lewis
31. Doolittle, by Ben Sisario
32. Paul’s Boutique, by Dan LeRoy
33. The Stone Roses, by Alex Green

Those last four are currently shipping out from our warehouse, and will be in stores very shortly.

As for the forthcoming list, it looks a little like this:

Autumn 2006:

Loveless, by Mike McGonigal (no, I don’t believe it either…)
The Notorious Byrd Brothers, by Ric Menck
Court and Spark, by Sean Nelson
London Calling, by David Ulin
Daydream Nation, by Matthew Stearns
In Utero, by Gillian Gaar
Bee Thousand, by Marc Woodworth
The Who Sell Out, by John Dougan
Highway 61 Revisited, by Mark Polizzotti
People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, by Shawn Taylor

Winter 2006:

Aja, by Don Breithaupt
69 Love Songs, by LD Beghtol
Use Your Illusion 1 and 2, by Eric Weisbard
Songs in the Key of Life, by Zeth Lundy

Spring 2007:

Pretty Hate Machine, by Daphne Carr
Double Nickels on the Dime, by Mike Fournier
Rid of Me, by Kate Schatz
Another Green World, by Geeta Dayal
Trout Mask Replica, by Kevin Courrier
Let’s Talk About Love, by Carl Wilson

Summer/Autumn/Winter 2007:

If You’re Feeling Sinister, by Scott Plagenhoef
Shoot Out the Lights, by Hayden Childs
Horses, by Phil Shaw
Pink Moon, by Amanda Petrusich
Achtung Baby, by Stephen Catanzarite
20 Jazz Funk Greats, by Drew Daniel
The Dreaming, by Ann Powers
Lucinda Williams, by Anders Smith Lindall
Marquee Moon, by Peter Blauner
Swordfishtrombones, by David Smay

11 thoughts on “33 x 33 1/3”

  1. Nice to see the “Loveless” book coming out, but I am disappointed to see David Keenan isn’t doing it anymore – I always thought he was one of the better, more perceptive writers for The Wire. Never heard of this Mike McGonigal fellow, but I’ll hope for the best (and I’ll be buying it no matter what)…

  2. hello. i’m just came across this blog, so please excuse if this has been mentioned already: My 33 1/3 suggestion would be Skip Spence’s Oar. that’s a good/weird story.

  3. It’s definitely not for “celebrity music journalists” only – I hope it doesn’t come across like that. The only way to get involved is to send in a proposal at the time when we’re looking for proposals. That could be some time in 2007, or it could be never again: we’ll have to see how the series chugs along, and how soon people tire of it.

  4. How can a music journalist like myself get involved in this work?Or is this strictly a gig for “celebrity music journalists” — i.e., music journalists that everybody knows and are part of the writing clique. (Not to sound like a “playa hata” or in this case, a “writer hater”).I like what you are doing here and I like the books, as well.Keep up the excellent work.– Trent

  5. No, we never signed up a Metallica book, although I do remember discussing the possibility with a couple of writers. As for Sonic Youth – my bad. I’ll get the date changed on Amazon. Manuscript isn’t quite finished yet, but would hope to publish this one in August…

  6. The De La Soul book was cancelled at the request of the author, who was banking on getting full access to the band – and that turned out to be impossible. A big shame.

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