Just wanted to bring your attention to two NYC events put on by Mike McGonigal, author of the 33 1/3 on My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, among other creative pursuits.

First up, this Saturday night, Nov. 14th 8-12PM, I’m DJ’ing all gospel music at the ACE Hotel (20 W 29th St in Manhattan — 212 679-2222) in celebration of the release of the 4 hour boxset I compiled and produced for Tompkins Square, FIRE IN MY BONES: Raw, Rare + Other Worldly African-American Gospel. I’m bringing a lot of records out with me, the compilation has gotten good reviews thus far, and it should be fun! Also, it is free.

Here’s a great review of Fire In My Bones from the Onion AV Club.

Then we have a reading/ signing/ slide show next Thursday, November 19, at 8 PM at Spoonbill & Sugartown (218 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg). There will be a slide show and reading given by LUC SANTE in honor of the brand new YETI publication, ‘FOLK PHOTOGRAPHY: The American Real-Photo Postcard 1905-1930.’ Also on the bill is PETER DOYLE, on a rare visit from Sydney, presenting his indelible Crooks Like Us, based on spectacular 1920-era mugshots from the New South Wales Police Archives. This will be crazy fun, and is also free — get there early!

Here’s a link to a Luc Sante essay/interview from Artforum.

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