A couple of UK articles

Two pieces from across the ocean, today.

The first is in the magazine “One Week To Live” – part of a whole series they’ve done on 33 1/3 books. It’s an interview with Eliot Wilder, author of our DJ Shadow book. The article itself isn’t on the magazine’s website, but Eliot has the PDF on his website, and it’s well worth a look.

The second is a review, by A. Stevens, of Mike McGonigal’s Loveless book, in 3:AM Magazine. You can read the review here. And I haven’t listened to my Revolver records in a very long time.

2 thoughts on “A couple of UK articles”

  1. Whatever, “Venice” is a scorcher. When I found out “Since Yesterday” was a cover, though, I was pretty embarrassed. I think I’ve pulled out Baby’s Angry more often than any Swervedriver or Th’ Faith Healers records. Never forget Moose. That river never will run dry.

  2. David –Sorry to approach you here, but I’ve been made aware of some e-mail non-deliveries due to spam blockers and have not as yet received a reply to a follow-up letter I mailed to you on May 1. (The author of the TROUT MASK REPLICA book mentions that you respond to e-mails right away, adding to my concerns.) I know you’ve been busy (not blogging much) and I’m not pushing for a verdict; I just want to confirm that you received my manuscript (sent on 3/31) and aren’t still waiting for it.Thanks,Tim

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