An Update on the 471

So – these 471 proposals are taking a little more time than I originally thought. There is a lot of very, very promising material here and there’s a hell of a lot of work that’s gone into most of these.

I’m about halfway through so far. Let’s say that we’ll post the “Long List” on here, at some point during the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd. That should be enough time. As for how big that list will be, exactly, I can’t be sure. Maybe around 125 proposals still in the running at that point?

7 thoughts on “An Update on the 471”

  1. Not sure that it wil be this weekend now – if there are still 40 proposals to read as of yesterday (29th) according to the Facebook post, that's before they even start to sit down and discuss which pitches they want to leave in the running. Not an easy task, I'm sure, even if notes have made as they've been read.

  2. Anon: yes, I'll be sending out a mass email to all of those who *haven't* made the long list, shortly before we post it on here.

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