And this is where the series is going…

Grace, by Daphne Brooks
Armed Forces, by Franklin Bruno
Murmur, by J. Niimi

(All due to publish in June 2005)

Loveless, by Mike McGonigal

(I genuinely don’t know when this will be published. It’s kind of up to Mike.)

Endtroducing…, by Eliot Wilder
Kick out the Jams, by Don McLeese
Born in the USA, by Geoffrey Himes
Low, by Hugo Wilcken

(All due to publish in September 2005, and all pretty much on schedule so far)

Music From Big Pink, by John Niven
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, by Kim Cooper
London Calling, by David L. Ulin
The Notorious Byrd Brothers, by Ric Menck

(All due to publish in December 2005…too far away to be accurate right now)

And then there’s maybe ten more for 2006? I’ll post those up here shortly. I’ll also post about some books in the series that were supposed to happen, but almost certainly never will…

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