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An increasing number of stores are carrying the series, but I know these books can still be hard to find at times. So I’ve added, to the top of the links section, the pages for the series at and Neither of their lists are completely up to date, but we’re working on that!

There are also some wonderfully supportive regular stores that carry the series, including these. If you know of any others (not just in the US), please do leave a comment – thanks.

Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge MA
Music Millennium, Portland OR
Millennium Music, Charleston SC
Duttons Bookstore, Los Angeles CA
Powells Bookstore, Portland OR
Shakespeare and Co, New York NY
Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver CO
Shaman Drum, Ann Arbor MI
Sonic Boom Records, Seattle WA
Waterloo Records, Austin TX (a big shout out to Edmund)
St. Marks Bookshop, New York NY
Skylight Books, Los Angeles CA
Coliseum Books, New York NY
Codys Books, Berkeley CA
Carmichaels Bookstore, Louisville KY
Penn Book Center, Philadelphia PA
AC Vroman, Pasadena CA
Spaceboy Music, Philadelphia PA
Nicola’s Books Little Professor, Ann Arbor MI
Easy Street Records, Seattle WA
Quimby’s, Chicago IL
Bailey Coy Books, Seattle WA
Hot Poop, Walla Walla WA
Desolation Row, Pittsburgh PA
Daddy Kool Records, St Petersburg FL
Cake Shop, New York NY
Atomic Records, Milwaukee WI
Vinyl Fever, Clearwater FL
CD Central, Lexington KY
Gem City Records, Dayton OH
Culture Clash, Toledo OH
Wexner Center Bookshop, Columbus OH
Criminal Records, Atlanta GA

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  1. Cody’s Books at Stockton & Market in downtown San Francisco, CAThat’s where I picked up Let It Be and they had the series prominently displayed in their Music section.

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