The Drum Machine That Helped Open Paul’s Boutique

When you talk about drum machines and Paul’s Boutique, there are two things that even casual listeners can probably hear. The first is that you don’t hear a lot of drum machines on the album. A big part of the record’s legacy is its sampled beats, assembled into intricate, polyrhythmic collages by The Dust Brothers and Matt Dike.

But Matt Dike thought it was less a song than an opportunity. “When I heard it,” he told me, back in 2005, “I knew they were in trouble.”

Ill Communication: A Discussion of the Golden Era with 33 1/3 Author Dan LeRoy, Philadelphia 8/15

Anyone who will be in the Philadelphia area next Saturday (8/15) should make sure to check out this event with our 33 1/3 author of The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, Dan LeRoy. Dan and fellow music author Brian Coleman will be meeting at record store Brewerytown Beats next Saturday evening for a discussion of “the Golden Era” of music and records. Flier for the event below: While you’re there, make sure to pick up a copy of Paul’s Boutique from the author himself!