Enjoy your Halloween with 33 1/3!

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Wherever you’re celebrating this year, whether you’re going all out in your favorite costume, planning a Halloween Zoom bash, or just chilling on the couch with a bowl of candy, you still need some spooky tunes to jam out to. Listen now by following our Halloween playlist on Spotify or using this compiled list, and be sure to click the links below to learn more about each artist and order your own 33 1/3.

RIP Jeff Hanneman

A few words on the late, great guitarist from DX Ferris, author of Slayer’s Reign in Blood (# 57 in the series). Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died Thursday, May 2. He had been on the sidelines for two years, following some extreme after-effects of a spider bite. Hanneman was Slayer’s soul. He wasn’t its most skilled musician, but he was its best writer. Hanneman made the difference between Slayer being an underground legend like, say, Mercyful Fate or Exodus, and Slayer being Slayer, a Grammy-winning, iconic metal band with crossover…