Celine + 33 1/3 Night at Happy Ending

Flavorwire has a short, info-packed interview with Carl Wilson, commenting on a recent poll that declared Celine Dion to be the most popular musician in America (still!).

Also, mark your calendars! The Happy Ending Reading Series will be hosting “A Night with the 33 1/3 Reading Series” at Joe’s Pub on June 2nd. Geeta Dayal, Christopher Weingarten, and Dan Kois (tan, rested and ready, I assume) will be on hand to talk about Brian Eno, Public Enemy, and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Public risks will be undertaken, and musical guests will be announced. Always a fun time, that Happy Ending Reading Series.

I’ll do another post to remind you when the time is at hand.

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