Dylanologists, start your engines

I saw a link to this over at Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy blog. Apparently Slate is debuting the new Bob Dylan video and running a contest that can win you a guitar autographed by Dylan himself. It doesn’t say what kind of guitar they’re giving away–it’s always a little sad to see a legend’s signature on a $79.99 guitar–but it might be worth checking out.

On a related note, I just opened up a review for The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia that came in the mail from Goldmine.

Erudite, idiosyncratic, witty and caustic–like its subject–Michael Gray’s The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia provides more than 850 entries on sidemen, songs, friends, family and more, reaching from “Aaronson, Kenny” (Dylan’s 1988-89 bassist) to “Zimmerman Family, the.”

I wonder if Slate would let the winner throw in a few extra hundred thousand to upgrade to the Gibson on the front of Nashville Skyline?

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