Forthcoming Titles

In response to a question left in the Comments section by John, here’s where the series currently stands regarding upcoming titles:

Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace – just published
Portishead’s Dummy – just published
Talking Heads’ Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem – this will publish in March/April 2012
Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville by Gina Arnold – we don’t yet quite have the final manuscript, but fully expect to publish this in May/June 2012

Weezer’s Pinkerton – this project has been cancelled
Wu Tang Clan’s Enter the Wu Tang – this project has been cancelled
Tori Amos’ Boys for Pele – this project has been cancelled
Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain – this project is still alive, and partially written, but I wouldn’t hold your breath…
Outkast’s Aquemini – this project has been cancelled
The Clash’s London Calling – this book is deeply, profoundly cursed. If you pre-ordered it in 2004 when it was first announced, I can only apologise…
Lucinda Williams’ Self-Titled LP – 90% written, but cannot be confident of a publication date
Kate Bush’s The Dreaming – unlikely this will ever happen, but not yet officially cancelled

And that’s it, for the moment! Apologies for the messiness and frustration caused by late and cancelled titles, but that’s part of the fabric of the series. It’s more difficult than it seems, to write 30,000 original and insightful words about a favourite record…

9 thoughts on “Forthcoming Titles”

  1. Hi John,Sorry to hear that you've probably lost a good few interesting titles from your list, but I would very much appreciate learning when submissions might be opening again. I have an album that I'd like to propose, for which I've been building up a ton of research over the past year, and have a definite cghapter structure now blocked out – they're something of a specialism for me now, having written about themn elsewhere :)Anyway, any clue as to when submissions might open be would be very useful in planning for writing any sample chapter(s) you might require (if interested, of course!) would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.Rob

  2. this project has been cancelledTori Amos' Boys for Pele – this project has been cancelledFunkadelic's Maggot Brain – this project is still alive, and partially written, but I wouldn't hold your breath…tantrik

  3. With all of those hip hop books cancelled…you don't need to wait for mine at all. My written draft of a hip hop classic is completely ready to be submitted. Just say the words and I will send it.

  4. Please do everything you can to get "Boys for Pele" up and going again! <3This album is the best I've ever heard, and Tori is a long time favorite. It sure would have sold well, if that's the concern :)Us Ear With Feet's are crazy 😉

  5. Hi John,many thanks for the update.I'm disappointed to see so many are dropping out, especially as I''d bought the CD's in anticipation of the books!I am however very confused about the comment that "Talking Heads' Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem – this will publish in March/April 2012" as it wasn't mentioned in the May 2009 "final 11", unless of course it's like the Clash album and it was originally proposed some years ago ….I'll have to go and buy the CD for that book now!John

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