From my rss reader to yours…

I just wanted to share this link for Mr. Dante Fontana’s Visual Guidance, LTD. for your weekend YouTube viewing pleasure. I ran across this a few weeks ago on WFMU’s blog and put it in my feed reader and have since been delighted to find 3-5 music videos waiting for me every night when I get home. The editors have impeccable taste: The Fall, Tiny Tim, Sonic Youth, Gerry Mulligan, Sergio Mendes, Tom Waits, The Exploited, Roscoe Holcolmb, The Ramones, Missy Elliot, Harry Partch… the list goes on. Plenty of things worth looking at here, but not many you would think to search for.

To get you started, here’s a nice Ike & Tina Turner medley. Enjoy the weekend…
-John Mark

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