Greatest Hits, Volume 1

So, we’re busy pulling this book together – you can pre-order it on here (for less than the price of one of the regular series books!), and it should be available around the end of September. It’ll have decent-sized extracts from each of the first 20 books in the series, plus the winning essay from our Under-21 Writing Competition (we’re working through those over the next few days), and a mercifully short and probably lame-brained introduction by me.

I hope that even if you’ve already read five or six of these books, this might give you an affordable taste of what else is on offer in the series…

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One Thought to “Greatest Hits, Volume 1”

  1. you can see, this makes us very excited.Meloy’s book was genius, by the way, and I’m currently reading Kim Cooper’s NMH book–which sadly won’t be in this book. But what can you do?

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