Guided by Voices – Bee Thousand

Marc Woodworth’s excellent book about Bee Thousand is now in stores – or at least it should be, within the next couple of days. It’s definitely in stock at Amazon, despite their lack of a cover image.

Word is that Mr. Pollard loves the book – and stay tuned for news of a possible book event in New York, in early December.

Meanwhile, here’s the book’s table of contents, courtesy of the Library of Congress website, which should give you an idea of how much stuff is jammed into these pages:

Persons of the Play 3
A Man Discovers His Coat Has A Pocket 4
Listener Responses #1-3 6
Love & Purity 7
Listener Response #4 9
Fiction, Man, & Hardcore Facts Part One 10
4-Track Tape 15
Robert Pollard 16
Listener Response #5 33
Bee Thousand Word Clusters 34
A Correspondence with Lewis Khlar 35
Fiction, Man, & Hardcore Facts Part Two 41
Listener Response #6 49
Don Thrasher 50
Fiction, Man, & Hardcore Facts Part Three 57
Desire & Its Limits 62
Kevin Fennell 64
Listener Responses #7 & 8 71
Mitch Mitchell 74
Spatial Representation #9 of Bee Thousand Action Motives 75
The Diamonds of Being in the Dirt of the Pigpen: On Robert Pollard’s Lyrics
Foreword by Bart O. Roper, LLD 76
Excerpts from an Unfinished Dissertation by Nolen Twinn-Johnson 77
Listener Responses #9-11 94
A Sonnet-Made from Bee Thousand Fragments (Themselves Often Fragments) 95
Robert Griffin 96
Listener Response #12 100
Fiction, Man, & Hardcore Facts Part Four 101
Dan Toohey 110
Listener Response #13 113
Dayton Ode 115
Listener Response #14 117
Kicks 118
Greg Demos 121
Tobin Sprout’s Tascam Portastudio 1 4-Track & Electro-Harmonix Memory Man 123
Tobin Sprout 124
Listener Responses #15-17 130
Fiction, Man, & Hardcore Facts Part Five 131
Acknowledgments 135

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  1. Another one to look forward to.One of the disadvantages of living in a tiny island in the middle of the med means 1) if I order the book from amazon I wait three weeks2) If I order the book from my local store I have to wait a month and a half.either way I loseah well.

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