Introducing: Video Vault, Episode 1

Happy Friday! We are pleased to introduce a new segment on this blog. We’re calling it Video Vault. Each Friday, a member of the 33 1/3 team will post a favorite video with some context.

Here is Tanya’s (our Marketing Manager) first pick.

“F*ck the Pain Away” by Peaches, the Canadian-cum-Berliner electronic musician and performance artist. This is not the official video, but a Miss Piggy parody that really hits the mark. A friend introduced me to her a while back, but this song being used in the end credits of a recent True Blood episode triggered an evening of googling wherein I happened upon this gem of editing and fan-created content. Created by my new hero Lindsay Scoggins, its the perfect mash up of my innocent childhood and my not-so-innocent present. Miss Piggy’s climatic meltdown makes me laugh every time…I also love the Disney logo in the lower left hand corner, silently judging you (me).

Warning: the video is fine, but the lyrics are definitely NSFW.


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