It’s all downhill from here…

It’s weird enough returning to work from a perfect honeymoon (Banderas Bay, Mexico), but weirder still when you find out that (a) one of your editors quit while you were away and (b) the company chairman stepped down, too. Anyhoo, I’ve almost caught up with the backlog of stuff now, so we should have a few posts over the next few days – and many thanks to John Mark for taking care of business these last few weeks.

We should have an updated 33 1/3 sales table tomorrow. Has the Ott/Meloy fiasco prompted any sales?? Mmmmmmm, no, not really.

Sad news about Ahmet Ertegun. More on that tomorrow too, if I have the time.

Also, if you’re interested in writing one of these books, we’ll be putting out a call for proposals on this blog, some time in January or February. Consider yourselves warned.

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