Kate Schatz at Noise Pop XVI

Those of you in San Francisco will likely find yourselves involved in some sort of Noise Pop shenanigans over the coming week. Kate Schatz, author of the 33 1/3 on PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me will be reading on Thursday night. I’m not sure where 12 Galaxies is located, but I trust those of you in SF have a better chance of finding out than I do.

Noise From Other Rooms:
A Revealing Evening of Words and Cultural Ephemera

Thursday, February 28, 2008 – 12 Galaxies 7pm $5

The icing on the Noise Pop Festival’s sweet 16 birthday cake! Noise From Other Rooms will feature the Rebel Reading Series musings of best-selling author Beth Lisick (Everyone Into the Pool, Frank Portman (Mr. T Experience), Greg Giles (20 Minute Loop) and Kate Schatz (33.3 Rid of Me: A Story). Lit lovers and music junkies won’t want to miss this night of musicians turned writers, writers turned musicians and all the artistry that happens somewhere in between. Grab another beer at the bar and dig in to the Wholphin portion of the evening which will feature a variety of short films concerning giant paper airplanes, drunk bees, satanic Scottish 9-year-old metal heads, Moroccan drummers, world champion one-handed blind-folded Rubix Cube masters, the ancient art of tree-hanging, a consumer service announcement to identify cloned meat products music video, a dissertation on the healing power of YouTube shred videos, and a short film staring singing Darfuri rebels that was literally smuggled out of Sudan in the back of a horse cart. Plus, a few guests that one would call “special.”

I also noticed that the Mountain Goats are playing 3 sold-out nights, and the Magnetic Fields are playing two. That’s one 33.3 author and one subject for those of you keeping score at home.
We also have a couple of other events on the horizon in NYC and elsewhere. More on those soon…

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