LA reading, the Hall of Mammals, and some other stuff

This Saturday (June 7th) at 7:30pm, John Darnielle will be reading at Skylight Books in Los Angeles! Enjoy!

And because these clips are so great, I am stealing them from the email that Steve at Skylight sent around to the people. (Captions are his as well).

> (how many drugs is Geezer on? And Ozzy in yellow pants with a
> rainbow!)
> And for you rubber powered flight and aviation fans:

John is also playing with the Mountain Goats at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County the night before. Apparently the evening revolves around the fact that “one hallmark of mammals is the evolution of a highly developed brain capable of orchestrating amazingly complex behaviors.” You go, mammals!

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And some quick links related to a couple books mentioned in the post below this one:
* Vice interviews the lovely and charming Shane McGowan of the Pogues.
* Somewhat Slayer-related: Reign In Blood(sport).
* And just general awesomeness, here’s a searchable and browsable inventory of Mtv’s top 20 videos every week from 1981 to 2001 (Martha Quinn not included).

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This just in from Kim Cooper and Erik Davis!

June 7, A whole day of 33 1/3 Action at Skylight Books in LA

At 10:45am, Skylight is the rendezvous point for VISIONARY HOLLYWOOD, a guided bus tour to the most extraordinary historical spiritual spaces in LA, hosted by Erik Davis (Led Zeppelin’s 4th album) in collaboration with Kim Cooper (Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”) and her Esotouric bus adventures. After the bus returns at 3:45, Erik and Kim will be signing their books in the store. Later that evening, John Darnielle will be signing his Black Sabbath book.

For more info, or to grab one of the last remaining seats on VISIONARY HOLLYWOOD, visit

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