Louder Than Words

And now, a word from our lovely UK marketer Charlotte Rose, who recently attended the first ever Louder than Words conference.

louderOn 16th November 2013, Louder Than Words made its entrance into the world, and what a entrance it was! Let me explain.

Louder Than Words is a brand new UK festival celebrating oral, written and published words associated with the music industry. Its aim is to encourage interaction and engagement between all with a passion for music.

Buzzing with authors, artists, poets, performers, lyricists, journalists, DJs, bloggers and publishers of music and popular culture, the concept behind the two day event is to meet, hear, share, discuss and celebrate the best of published and unpublished words associated with music and popular culture industries.

Numerous Bloomsbury authors were in attendance as well as our very own David Barker, who took to the stage to discuss the creation of 33 1/3.

We at Bloomsbury were proud to be acting in partnership with Louder Than Words and tremendously honored to have the opportunity to support the inaugural Wilko Johnson Writing Award. Open to under 25s, the award set out to encourage and inspire budding writers who were given the challenge of composing 350 words on the future of rock journalism.

Drumroll, please! The winners were….

3rd place: George Wilde
2nd place: Jack Kennedy
1st place: A huge well done to Ryan Carse, whose winning piece discussed Frank Zappa’s 1977 quote, “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read.”

Image(From L-R: George Wilde, Wilko Johnson, Ryan Carse, John Robb, Jack Kennedy)

Talks are already underway for the 2014 event and it’s bound to be a corker. To stay updated, catch Louder Than Words on Twitter!

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