Michael Fournier is jammin’ econo

Micheal Fournier will be embarking on mini-tours up and down the east coast (in June) and the west coast (in July) to promote his 33 1/3 on the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime. I’ve listed the dates below. Click on the venues for more information about when, where and how to get there.

Just a quick personal note about the first date at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint: from the sign hanging out front, I always thought that bar across the street from Enid’s was called Shocks & Struts, which would be a great name for a bar…the kind of place Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan might hang out. Oh well, Matchless it is…they have a great draft beer selection, so who am I to complain? See you there!

20th June — Bar Matchless, w/Joseph Grillo (, x-Garrison, x-Stricken for Catherine) and Jeffrey James Samanen (Gay For Johnny Depp, x-Five Second Flat)

21st June — Robin’s Bookstore

23rd June — Atomic Pop (free screening of We Jam Econo to follow the reading!)

11th July — Bird and Beckett

13th July — Orca Books

14th July — Third Place Books (easy mnemonic for Seattleites: 33 1/3 at Third Place.)

That picture above is of Mike reading at the Border’s in Concord, NH on June 3rd.

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