Neutral Milk Hotel in London?

I love authors who are so awesomely cool that they’ll happily offer to do readings from their book while on honeymoon. Kim Cooper is one such author. Kim has already set up a reading for herself in Paris, with the equally cool Miles Marshall Lewis. And now we’re looking to set up a reading for Kim in London, on the evening of Tuesday November 7th.

So, if anyone is reading this who knows of a smallish, NMH-friendly bookstore, record store, or other venue in London, that might be willing to host an evening of Kim reading from her book, taking questions, and playing a couple of NMH rarities, please do get in touch with me – either through the comments section here or through david at Thanks!

1 thought on “Neutral Milk Hotel in London?”

  1. David: I’m going to be honeymooning in NYC soon (the first week of November — CMJ time), and I’m game for a reading then, too. How about it?

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