New Fleshtones Documentary

David is on vacation this week, but the office has been haunted by the sound of his voice, which kicks off this trailer for the upcoming Fleshtones feature length documentary, Pardon Us For Living but the Graveyard Is Full. The trailer also features Handsome Dick Manitoba, Peter Buck of REM, and our very own Joe Bonomo, who wrote the book on the Fleshtones.

Speaking of…. There is a great review of the book in this month’s Skyscraper Magazine:

“[Bonomo] makes plain how The Fleshtones became, and remain, one of the great live experiences, even when playing to an empty house, at no time pandering to expectations, while defending pure rock’n’roll, mining and mixing rhythm and blues, sixties rock, soul and disco, and what now passes for roots rock. While Sweat amply illustrates The Fleshtones dedication to truth, tradition, and fun (blue whales are not just seafaring mammals), Bonomo’s narrative is more than just recollections and good times. Bonomo has also penned an examination of broken lives, shattered promises (including management woes and label issues), brain-numbing hangovers, drug addiction, alcoholism, and elusive opportunities.”

And I liked this review from Tone & Groove:

“Besides being a thorough bio of the band and its members, and a great NYC timepiece, Sweat takes a good hard look at the music industry, of bands who don’t quite make it, who are as good or better than bands who do make it, and what their lives are like. It’s a story of fighting against the odds with persistence and conviction, but this book certainly isn’t just about struggle; it’s filled with humor, fun, weirdness, bizarre coincidences, and heady descriptions of their most glorious shows and triumphs.”

There was also a nice little mention on Pop Music As Pornography.

This is a little far in the future, but Joe will be signing at his hometown Borders in DeKalb, IL, April 5, at 2 pm.

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