Open Call 2014 – Complete List of Proposals

Final 33 1/3 series proposal count: 410

First of all: 410 declarations of love and adoration are due to those who submitted proposals. The hard work and careful thought that went into these proposals is not lost on me. I’ll extend that declaration to the other thousand or so people who had every intention of submitting, started writing but for one reason or another didn’t end up with a polished proposal. I recognize that the open call process is not perfect but we’ve seen some pretty incredible books come out over the years so it can’t be all bad.

The open call class of 2014 (to borrow a term from NPR) is an eclectic one. We seem to be far enough away from the 90s and early aughts (are we making aughts happen?) to consider these albums classics. For the first time, we received proposals for albums released THIS year.

Update! 2:25 pm: Two proposals mistakenly left off: “Lolita Nation” and “You Forgot It In People.” That brings the total to 410!

A few things to note:

  • 149 of the 408 proposals were submitted in the last 24 hours of the submission window, 13 proposals in the last two minutes
  • Many proposals were submitted by teams of writers, so while there are 408 proposals, there are actually 418 authors
  • Each album proposed is listed once, so if you see “American Water” listed 4 times, it’s because we received 4 proposals

 Ladies and gentleman, I present the 33 1/3 proposal class of 2014: 

“100 Chansons” – Françoise Hardy

“13 Songs” – Fugazi

“13” – Blur

“1830m” – AKB48

“1971” – The Beatles

“1977” – Ash

“1984” – Van Halen

“1999” – Prince

“2112” – Rush

“24 Hour Revenge Therapy” – Jawbreaker

“808s & Heartbreak” – Kanye West

“96 Tears” – Question Mark

“A Live One” – Phish

“A Night at the Opera” – Queen

“A Night at the Opera” – Queen

“Actor” – St. Vincent

“Adore” – The Smashing Pumpkins

“After Bathing at Baxter’s” – Jefferson Airplane

“Alice” – Tom Waits

“Alligator” – The National

“American Gothic” – David Ackles

“American Water” – Silver Jews

“American Water” – Silver Jews

“American Water” – Silver Jews

“American Water” – Silver Jews

“Anodyne” – Uncle Tupelo

“Appetite For Destruction” – Guns n’ Roses

“Apple Venus Vol. 1” – XTC

“Are We Not Men” – Devo

“Arular” – M.I.A.

“Astral Weeks” – Van Morrison

“Automatic for the People” – R.E.M

“Back to Black” – Amy Winehouse

“Bad Hair Day” – Weird Al” Yankovic

“Bangerz” – Miley Cyrus

“Bangerz” – Miley Cyrus

“Bat out of Hell” – Meatloaf

“Beat Happening” – Beat Happening

“Beauty and the Beat” – The Go-Go’s

“Beneath the Remains” – Sepultura

“Big Science” – Laurie Anderson

“Big Science” – Laurie Anderson

“Big Shiny Tunes 2” – Various Artists

“Billion Dollar Babies” – Alice Cooper

“Biophilia” – Bjork

“Bitches Brew” – Miles Davis

“Bitches Brew” – Miles Davis

“Bitches Brew” – Miles Davis

“Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One” – Olivia Tremor Control

“Blackout” – Britney Spears

“Bleed American” – Jimmy Eat World

“Bleed American” – Jimmy Eat World

“Blizzard of Ozz” –  Ozzy Osbourne

“Bloodbrothers” – The Dictators

“Bloodletting” – Concrete Blonde

“Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton” – John Mayall

“Boys for Pele” – Tori Amos

“Boys for Pele” – Tori Amos

“Boys for Pele” – Tori Amos

“Boys for Pele” – Tori Amos

“Broken English” – Faithfull

“Butterfly” – Mariah Carey

“Calypso” -Harry Belafonte

“Captain Beyond” – Captain Beyond

“Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” – Elton John

“Carpenters (1971)” – The Carpenters

“Celebrity Skin” – Hole

“Cheap Thrills” – Big Brother & the Holding Company (featuring Janis Joplin)

“Combat Rock” The Clash

“Computer World” – Kraftwerk

“Countdown to Extinction” – Megadeth

“Curse your Branches” – David Bazan

“Cyberpunk” – Billy Idol

“Cynic” – Focus

“De La Soul Is Dead” – De La Soul

“De La Soul Is Dead” – De La Soul

“Demon Days” – Gorillaz

“Demon Days” – Gorillaz

“Devotion + Doubt” – Richard Buckner

“Diary” – Sunny Day Real Estate

“Dig Me Out” – Sleater-Kinney

“Disco Volante” – Mr. Bungle

“Disintegration” – The Cure

“Doe or Die” – AZ

“Dog Man Star” – Suede

“Dog Man Star” – Suede

“Donny Hathaway Live” – Donny Hathaway

“Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers” – The Firesign Theatre

“Dopesmoker” – Sleep

“Dopethrone” – Electric Wizard

“Downward is Heavenward” – Hum

“Dragnet” – The Fall

“Dread” – Wolf Eyes

“Dreamboat Annie” – Heart

“Dreamies” – Bill Holt

“Dude Ranch” – Blink-182

“Dust Bowl Ballads” – Woody Guthrie

“Eat a Peach” – The Allman Brothers

“Elephant Eyelash” – Why?

“Eli and the Thirteenth Confession” – Laura Nyro

“Elvis’ Christmas Album” Elvis Presley

“Emergency & I” – The Dismemberment Plan

“Emergency & I” – The Dismemberment Plan

“Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” -Wu-Tang Clan

“Europe ’72 the Complete Recordings” – Grateful Dead

“Expensive Shit” – Fela Kuti

“Extra Width” – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

“Extraordinary Machine” – Fiona Apple

“Extricate” – The Fall

“F # A # ∞” – Godspeed You Black Emperor!

“Failure” – Fantastic Planet

“Fantasma” – Cornelius

“Fear” – John Cale

“Fearless” – Taylor Swift

“Fever to Tell” – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

“Fisherman’s Blues” –  The Waterboys

“For Your Pleasure” – Roxy Music

“Fox Confessor Brings the Flood” – Neko Case

“Funhouse” – The Stooges

“Generic” – Flipper

“Get a Grip” – Aerosmith

“Get The Knack” – The Knack

“Give Up” -The Postal Service

“God Shuffled His Feet” – Crash Test Dummies

“Good Old Boys” – Randy Newman

“GOOD OLD BOYS” – Randy Newman

“Gossamer” – Passion Pit

“Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs” – Marty Robbins

“Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike” – Gogol Bordello

“Hangin’ Tough” – New Kids on the Block

“Hard Day’s Night” – The Beatles

“Headquarters” – Monkees

“Headquarters” – The Monkees

“Heart” – Heart

“Heart Like a Wheel” – Linda Rodstadt

“Heartbreaker” – Ryan Adams

“Heartworm: – Whipping Boy

“Hello Nasty” – Beastie Boys

“Help” – Various Artists

“Helter Stupid” – Negativland

“Hex Enduction Hour” – The Fall

“Hi, How Are You” – Daniel Johnston

“HIStory” – Michael Jackson

“Homogenic” – Björk

“Houdini” – The Melvins

“Hounds of Love” – Kate Bush

“Humanity is the Devil” – Integrity

“I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got” – Sinead O’Connor

“I Often Dream Of Trains” – Robyn Hitchcock

“I See a Darkness” – Bonnie Prince Billie

“Ill Communication” – Beastie Boys

“Illinois” – Sufjan Stevens

“I’m With You” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“In on the Kill” – Fugazi

“In Rainbows” Radiohead

“In the Dark” – Grateful Dead

“In the Trees” – The Watchmen

“Infinite Arms” –  Band of Horses

“Infinity on High” – Fall Out Boy

“Information Highway Revisited” – New Bomb Turks

“It’s Alive” – The Ramones

“Jackson C. Frank” – Jackson C. Frank

“John B. Sebastian” – John Sebastian

“John Barleycorn Must Die” – Traffic

“John Wesley Harding” – Bob Dylan

“Jolene” – Dolly Parton

“Kala” – M.I.A.

“Kate and Anna McGarrigle” – Kate and Anna McGarrigle

“Katy Lied” – Steely Dan

“Key Lime Pie” – Camper Van Beethoven

“Key Lime Pie” – Camper Van Beethoven’s

“Kimono My House” – Sparks

“Lateralus” – Tool

“LCD Soundsystem” – LCD Soundsystem

“Lead Me On” – Any Grant

“Let Me Come Over” – Buffalo Tom

“Let The Hard Times Roll” – David Ford

“Let’s Go Eat the Factory” – Guided By Voices


“Libertine” – Silkworm

“Lie: The Love and Terror Cult” – Charles Manson

“Liege and Lief” – Fairport Convention

“Life” – The Cardigans

“Lifes Rich Pageant” – R.E.M

“Like a Prayer” – Madonna

“Like a Prayer” – Madonna

“Like Flies On Sherbert” – Alex Chilton

“Living In Clip” – Ani DiFranco

“Lolita Nation” – Game Theory

“London Calling” – The Clash

“London Calling” – The Clash

“Lonely is an Eyesore” – 4AD Records compilation

“Long Live the Kane” – Big Daddy Kane

“Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea” – Silver Jews

“Love This Giant” – David Byrne and St. Vincent

“Love” – The Cult

“Machina / the machines of God” – The Smashing Pumpkins

“Machina/the Machines of God” – The Smashing Pumpkins

“Master of Puppets” – Metallica

“Master of Puppets” – Metallica

“Master of Puppets” – Metallica

“Medúlla” – Björk

“Megatron Man” –  Patrick Cowley

“Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” – Smashing Pumpkins

“Merriweather Post Pavilion” – Animal Collective

“Metal Box” – Public Image Ltd

“Metal Box” – Public Image Ltd

“Metal Machine Music” – Lou Reed

“Metal Machine Music” – Lou Reed

“Middle Cyclone” – Neko Case

“Mutations” – Beck

“My Life In The Bush of Ghosts” – Brian Eno/David Byrne

“My Own Prison” – Creed

“Nebraska” – Springsteen

“Nebraska” – Springsteen

“NEU!” – NEU!

“Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” – The Sex Pistols

“Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” – The Sex Pistols

“New Gold Dream” – Simple Mind

“New Long March” – Cui Jian

“New Year’s Eve 1995 – Live At Madison Square Garden” – Phish

“Nigga Please” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

“Nilsson Schmilsson” – Harry Nilsson

“No Code” – Pearl Jam

“No Code” – Pearl Jam

“No Depression” – Uncle Tupelo

“No Other” – Gene Clark

“Not Available” – The Residents

“Nothing Feels Good” – The Promise Ring

“Nothing Was The Same” – Drake

“Oar” – Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence

“Ocean Songs” – Dirty Three

“Odelay” – Beck

“Odelay” – Beck

“Odelay” – Beck

“Ooooooohhh… On The TLC Tip” – TLC

“Operation: Doomsday” – MF Doom

“Orbus Terrarum” – The Orb

“Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart”- Camper Van Beethoven

“Pacific Ocean Blue” – Dennis Wilson

“Pacific Ocean Blue” – Dennis Wilson

“Parallel Lines” –  Blondie

“Peepshow” – Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Peng!” – Stereolab

“Perfect Teeth” – Unrest

“Permanent Damage” – GTOs

“Person Pitch” – Panda Bear

“Physical Graffiti” – Led Zeppelin

“Picaresque” – The Decemberists

“Pinkerton” – Weezer

“Pinkerton” – Weezer

“Play” – Moby

“Playtime” – Billy Bragg

“Post Electric Blues” Idlewild

“Psychocandy” – Jesus and Mary Chain

“Psychocandy” – The Jesus and Mary Chain

“Pump” – Aerosmith

“Quadrophenia” – The Who

“Radio-Activity” – Kraftwerk

“Rage for Order” – Queensryche

“Rant In E Minor” – Bill Hicks

“RATTLESNAKES” – Lloyd Cole & the Commotions

“RATTLESNAKES” – Lloyd Cole & the Commotions

“Ready to Die” – Notorious BIG

“Red Headed Stranger” – Willie Nelson

“Remain in Light” – Talking Heads

“Republic” – New Order

“Rio” – Duran Duran

“Sam’s Town” – The Killers

“Scarecrow” – John Mellencamp

“Script of the Bridge” – The Chameleons UK

“Scumdogs of the Universe” – GWAR

“Secret Treaties” – Blue Oyster Cult

“Separation Sunday” – The Hold Steady

“Separation Sunday” – The Hold Steady

“Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” – Iron Maiden

“Severe Exposure” – Six Finger Satellite

“Shaq Fu: Da Return” – Shaquille O’Neal

“She’s So Unusual” –  Cyndi Lauper

“Siamese Dream” – The Smashing Pumpkins

“Silent Hill” – Akira Yamaoka

“Silver Apples” – Silver Apples

“Sixteen Tambourines” – Three O’ Clock

“Skylarking” – XTC

“Skylarking” – XTC

“Slip” – Quicksand

“So Far So Good So What” – Megadeth

“Solid Air” – John Martyn

“Solid Air” – John Martyn

“Something/Anything” – Todd Rundgren

“Songs of Faith and Devotion” – Depeche Mode

“Songs To Remember” – Scritti Politti

“Songs: Ohia” – The Magnolia Electric Co

“Souvlaki” – Slowdive

“Space Rangers” – Neil Merryweather

“Spice” – Spice Girls

“Spiderman Of The Rings” – Dan Deacon

“Spiderman of the Rings”- Dan Deacon

“Spirit of Eden” – Talk Talk

“St Elsewhere” – Gnarls Barkley

“Starsailor” – Tim Buckley

“Steet Hassle” – Lou Reed

“Stop Making Sense” – Talking Heads

“Strangeways, Here We Come” – The Smiths

“Street Signs” – Ozomatli

“Streetcleaner” – Godflesh

“Suburban Light” – The Clientele

“Super Fly” – Curtis Mayfield

“Super Hits Of The ’70s: Have A Nice Day”

“Super Mario Bros.” – Koji Kondo

“Superfuzz Bigmuff” – Mudhoney

“Tallahassee” –  The Mountain Goats


“Tapestry” – Carole King

“Thank God for Mental Illness”- The Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Thanks I’ll Eat It Here” – Lowell George

“That’s the Way of the World” – Earth, Wind & Fire

“The Adolescents” – The Adolescents

“The Apple Venus Project” – XTC

“The Argument Proposal” – Fugazi

“The Bells” – Lou Reed

“The Black Album” – Metallica

“The Colour of Spring” – Talk Talk

“The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me” – Me Brand New

“The Dictators Go Girl Crazy” – The Dictators

“The Dreaming” – Kate Bush

“The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place” – Explosions In The Sky

“The Execution of All Things” – Rilo Kiley

“The Geto Boys” – Geto Boys

“The Great Southern Trendkill” – Pantera

“The Greatest” – Cat Power

“The Holy Bible” – Manic Street Preachers

“The Holy Bible” – Manic Street Preachers

“The Infamous” – Mobb Deep

“The Magnolia Electric” – Songs: Ohia

“The Monitor” – Titus Andronicus

“The Name of This Band is Talking Heads” Talking Heads.

“The Next Day” – David Bowie

“The Number of the Beast” – Iron Maiden

“The Nylon Curtain” –  Billy Joel

“The Partridge Family Album” – The Partridge Family

“The Power of Pussy” – Bongwater

“The Queen Is Dead” – Smiths

“The Queen Is Dead” – Smiths

“The Raincoats” – The Raincoats

“The Raincoats” – The Raincoats

“The Record:” – Fear

“The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” – David Bowie

“The River and the Thread” – Rosanne Cash,

“The River” – Springsteen

“The Score” – The Fugees

“The Score” – The Fugees

“The Seldom Seen Kid” – Elbow

“The Shape of Punk to Come” – Refused

“The Shape of Punk to Come” – Refused

“The Teaches of Peaches” – Peaches

“The Trinity Session” – The Cowboy Junkies

“The Velvet Underground” – The Velvet Underground

“The Wall” – Pink Floyd

“Theatre Is Evil” – Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra

“Them Changes” – Buddy Miles

“Things We Lost in the Fire” – Low

“Think Tank” – Blurs

“This is Hardcore” – Pulp

“This is the Ice Age” – Martha and the Muffins

“Throwing Muses” –  Throwing Muses

“Tim” – The Replacements

“Time (The Revelator)” – Gillian Welch

“Time’s Up” – Living Colour

“To Hell With the Devil” – Stryper

“Tommy” – The Who

“Too Far to Care” – Old 97’s

“Trans” – Neil Young

“Transatlanticism” – Death Cab for Cutie

“Transatlanticism” – Death Cab for Cutie

“Transcendental Youth” – Mountain Goats

“Troublegum” – Therapy?

“Tubthumper” – Chumbawumba

“Two Sides of the Moon” – Keith Moon

“Untrue” – Burial

“Urban Hymns” – The Verve

“Van Halen” – Van Halen

“Various Positions: The Baffled Heart of Universalism” – Leonard Cohen

“Vauxhall and I” – Morrissey

“Vauxhall and I” – Morrissey

“Very” – The Pet Shop Boys

“Vexovoid” – Portal

“Victorialand” – Cocteau Twins

“Violator” – Depeche Mode

“Violator” – Depeche Mode

“Vivid” – Living Colour

“Walking Wounded” – Everything But the Girl

“Warehouse” – Hüsker Dü

“Warren Zevon” – Warren Zevon

“What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye

“Who’s Next” – The Who

“Workingman’s Dead” – Grateful Dead

“Wrecking Ball” – Emmylou Harris

“XTRMNTR” – Primal Scream

“Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” – Wilco

“You Forgot It In People” – Broken Social Scene

“Ys” – Joanna Newsom

“Z” – My Morning Jacket

“Zen Arcade” – Hüsker Dü

“Metal Box” –  Public Image Ltd

American Graffiti Soundtrack

Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack


0 thoughts on “Open Call 2014 – Complete List of Proposals”

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  2. Lonely is an Eyesore! 3 in 1 day within minutes of each other. Dumbly transparent shills making comments doesn’t get a book published.

  3. Lonely is an Eyesore! One of the most significant and compelling compilations of the late 20th century! Beautiful synthesis of music and design. An important document of the culture at the time!

  4. I love the suggestion for Lonely Is An Eyesore. that was such a multifaceted project and there’s not nearly enough information out there about how it all came together (and a section on the wooden box version would be amazing)

  5. “Lonely is an Eyesore” – 4AD Records compilation
    “Metal Box” – Public Image Ltd
    “Big Science” – Laurie Anderson
    “Disintegration” – The Cure
    “Fear” – John Cale
    “NEU!” – NEU!
    “New Gold Dream” – Simple Mind
    “Psychocandy” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
    “Remain in Light” – Talking Heads
    “Skylarking” – XTC
    “Solid Air” – John Martyn
    “Spirit of Eden” – Talk Talk
    The Trinity Session” – The Cowboy Junkies
    “Throwing Muses” –  Throwing Muses
    Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack

  6. I like the looks of Woody Guthrie, Daniel Johnston, Sufjan Stevens, Dolly Parton, Living Colour, Iron Maiden, Cyndi Lauper, David Byrne and St. Vincent, Geto Boys and lots more. good list!

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  9. SUPER MARIO BROS. by KOJI KONDO, please! What a great idea for a book. Never really thought about it like an “album” before, but it totally is. Learning about that most nostalgic music would be a trip.

    After that, “The Queen is Dead” because, obviously.

  10. Eddie Wrightwood

    What’s up with the lousy Aerosmith albums? I could see Rocks or Draw the Line, but Pump? Get A Grip? Huh?

    1. The Pump proposal is mine.

      I’m a huge fan of early Aerosmith – that first run of records, pre-Geffen and pre-MTV, were my musical building blocks. But I just think there’s far more interesting things to write about Pump – the events that led to its recording, the sobriety, the end of the ’80s, etc.

      Although I’d be the first person to admit it’s not in the same league as the likes of Toys and Rocks, I think it’s an overlooked classic and worthy of a reappraisal.

  11. Agree that a lot of things on here have been covered in some depth in other places. Still feels hard to skip something like London Calling or Nevermind the Bollocks in a classic album series. Personally I’d be most interested in things like Heartbreaker or Pinkerton where there’s a chance to be the main thing about it. If we’re getting into the 90s Odelay and a Pumpkins record start to feel kind of logical. Some of what’s here just seems too narrow or too gimmicky. Gotta guess at least one Silver Jews ends up being made – the submissions seem like a loose proxy for demand.

  12. Anything from tindersticks first 3 albums (1st Self-titled (1993 Album of the Year in Melody Maker !), 2nd Self-titled & curtains) are still hardly missing in this list.

  13. Shaq! Would sell like hotcakes.

    Seriously, though, would be so happy to read about Apple Venus or Fisherman’s Blues. There isn’t much out there on XTC or the Waterboys.

  14. Ooh, there’s really nothing out there about Godspeed. I would LOVE to read about F # A # ∞ and it would fit so well in the series! Too many of these are about bands and albums that already have a decent body of literature around them. What I’ve loved about my favorite of the 33 1/3 books is that they’re different from other ‘rock bio’ types of books.

  15. Chris Stroffolino

    It would be pretty amazing to see some of those albums that got 4 proposals—like the Tori Amos one–if the authors could combine efforts into one book.

  16. Is ‘”1971″ – The Beatles’ an imaginary album?! That’s either a stroke of genius or should be immediately disallowed.

    1. I’ve seen The Beatles “1971” discussed as a sort of hypothetical album discussion game, in which folks argue about what early solo tracks would have worked well side-by-side as the followup to Let it Be. Honestly, with as much as has been written about The Beatles’ albums, this might be a really cool way to bring more Beatles into the series without retreading old territory.

      1. It’ll all be in the execution. If it gets through though, the publishers will be deluged by proposals for similar ‘what-if’s next time round. Not saying that’s a bad thing if they’re well done, but they might need to limit the proposals to actual existing albums after a point.

  17. Dammit, I missed the proposal deadline AGAIN… not that I need any other projects right now…
    Since no one else on the planet will do it, I am voting up 1830m. Right now. Here. Today. AKB4EVA.
    [there isn’t already a 33 1/3 about The Wall? Though I’m not sure what new could be said about it, I would still read it…]

  18. Due to a certain bias… I’d love to see Peng! happen, but 13, Bitches Brew, Cheap Thrills, Dopethrone, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), F # A # ∞, Illinois , NEU!, Untrue, and Victorialand would all go down well. Exciting list!

  19. Yes!!!…

    “Dragnet” – The Fall
    “Extricate” – The Fall
    “Fear” – John Cale
    “Hex Enduction Hour” – The Fall
    “I Often Dream Of Trains” – Robyn Hitchcock
    “Katy Lied” – Steely Dan
    “Kimono My House” – Sparks
    “Liege and Lief” – Fairport Convention
    “Like Flies On Sherbert” – Alex Chilton
    “Metal Box” – Public Image Ltd
    “Nebraska” – Springsteen
    “NEU!” – NEU!
    “No Other” – Gene Clark
    “Oar” – Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence
    “Pacific Ocean Blue” – Dennis Wilson
    “Radio-Activity” – Kraftwerk
    “She’s So Unusual” –  Cyndi Lauper
    “Songs To Remember” – Scritti Politti
    “Spirit of Eden” – Talk Talk
    “Starsailor” – Tim Buckley
    “Steet Hassle” – Lou Reed
    “The Bells” – Lou Reed
    “Trans” – Neil Young
    “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye

  20. Interesting mix. I’d love to see Trans get through (not my proposal) or any of those on Lou, Living Colour and The Who. To the wag who pitched Cyberpunk … bravo! Now, that is thinking outside of the box.

  21. Any idea how long it’ll take to get through these (or even just to get to the short list)? Although I’m definitely biased toward my own proposal, there are about 140 of these that I would definitely read. Great list, and it’s great to see some serious hip-hop representation on the list.

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  23. ALL great stuff. Very interesting, and I’m sure will inspire future listenings…..

    That being said, Sunny Day Real Estate “Diary”. Would love to read that.

  24. I would love the ones on De La Soul, AZ, Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Notorious BIG, Geto Boys, and Mobb Deep.

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