Open Call 2015 Update: Almost There!


We are at the final stage of selecting proposals from the 2015 open call. Thank you for your patience! With 605 proposals, this round was extremely competitive. Have you seen Miracle? Yeah, it was like that.

From the shortlist of 83 proposals it’s likely 16 will become books. You may have noticed that we’ve moved to a seasonal publishing schedule which means that we release 4 33 1/3rds in the spring and 4 in the fall. These next 16 books will take the series through Fall 2018 and volume #134. When the series first started we were hoping to make it to 10 volumes. The fact that we’ve made it way past 100 is truly mind-blowing.

Each new 33 1/3 author will be notified via email on or around November 3rd. Then a few days later an announcement will be made here on this blog about the albums selected.

If you are based in or around New York City, I’d like to personally extend an invitation to our series meet up on Thursday, November 5th at t.b.d. bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The party follows a reading by two of our authors down the street at WORD bookstore. RSVP on facebook here.

And now for a bit of personal news. After 5+ years with Bloomsbury (and Continuum before that) I’m resigning my role as commissioning editor in popular music and sound studies. However, I am continuing my role as 33 1/3 series editor so after today you can reach me at I’m so looking forward to introducing the next class of 33 1/3 authors to you next month.



2 thoughts on “Open Call 2015 Update: Almost There!”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Ally, and congrats on the changes in your position.

    In the comment thread on the open call, you invited me to submit a book proposal to you for the edited anthology(ies) Rock and Romanticism. I was wondering if you’re still the editor reviewing, if it’s been passed along, or if I should just send a new proposal to the new editor?

    Thanks very much again,


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