Oxford American

A quick plug for the 2007 Music Issue of the Oxford American, which features some great writers on some fascinating subjects:

Ben Greenman on Edridge Holmes
Derek Jenkins on Teddy Grace
Holly Gleason on Dwight Yoakam
Bill Friskics-Warren on the Clovers
Amanda Petrusich on Betty Davis
Jim Ruland on Amy LaVere
David French on Don Redman
William Bowers on Mayo Thompson
David Smay on Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks
Carol Ann Fitzgerald on Karen Dalton
Robert Lloyd on Van Dyke Parks
John Uhl on Reverend Charlie Jackson
Steve Klinge on Sandy Posey
John Jeremiah Sullivan on the Roches
Alex V. Cook on Daniel Johnston
Kevin Brockmeier on Iris DeMent
Aaron Cohen on Percy Mayfield
Devin McKinney on Betty Harris
Mike Powell on Fred Neil
Anthony Mariani on Zakary Thaks
Nick Weidenfeld on David Banner
Sam Stephenson on Thelonious Monk
Bruce Eder on Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones
Geoffrey Himes on the Hackensaw Boys
Scott Barretta on the Parchman Prison Band
Zeth Lundy on the International Submarine Band

and much, much more…

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